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iJET International Launches Worldcue® Companion to Help Risk Managers Make Informed Decisions and Save Lives On-The-Go Featured

iJET International, Inc. (iJET) have announced the general availability of Worldcue® Companion their next generation risk application that allows clients to quickly understand the magnitude of threats and potential impacts on their people to take appropriate action and save lives.

iJET is also announcing two new enhancements to its industry leading Worldcue® Risk Management Platform: Integrated AXA Assistance Medical Provider Search and Single Sign-On.

“Worldcue Companion showcases our commitment and vision to provide meaningful tools and services that deliver timely, relevant, actionable intelligence when and where you need it most,” said Bruce McIndoe, CEO of iJET International. “We are also excited to support Single Sign-On across our product suite to allow ease of access by any employee using their existing organizational login as well as providing access to the AXA Assistance Medical Provider Database for joint clients.”

iJET is thrilled to introduce Worldcue® Companion, a phone, tablet and browser-based application that provides access to critical operational intelligence, threat exposure information and quick communication with people on-the-ground that may be impacted when significant events take place around the world. This new application supports all people including travelers, expats and local nationals to ensure that your organization has a complete understanding of who may need help during an incident or potential threat.

For joint AXA-iJET clients, iJET is pleased to announce an integrated AXA Assistance Medical Provider Searchnow available via Worldcue® across multiple apps, including: Worldcue® Companion, Worldcue® Mobile TRAVELER 2.0, and Worldcue® Global Control Center. This tool provides access to AXA Assistance’s integrated of database of over 41,000 AXA-accredited global service providers and facilities with details on specialties and certifications. 

“The integration of our Medical Provider Search tool with iJET’s Worldcue® Risk Management Platform is just the latest addition to our successful, growing partnership with iJET International,” added Marianne Labaste, Corporate Mobility Manager at AXA Assistance. “We believe the combination of AXA’s world-class medical assistance expertise and iJET’s risk management, intelligence and global response capabilities in a single, easy-to-navigate platform will be an invaluable asset to our joint customers.”

iJET has also enhanced its suite of products to support Single Sign-On, allowing users to access Worldcue® applications using their organization-provided username/password. Single Sign-On is currently enabled for Worldcue® Companion and Worldcue® Mobile TRAVELER 2.0 and is coming soon to Worldcue® Global Control Center and Worldcue® Traveler. The use of Single Sign-On significantly enhances overall adoption and use of these life safety applications when users only need to remember their organizational login information.

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