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About Travel Warning Dot Net

The world is changing. Risk, is changing. For those organisations with a remote and mobile workforce, technology, consumerism and cost-effective-air-travel has driven globalisation, and had big impact. 

With globalisation comes a new threat landscape. New breeds of risk exist, and threaten the security and well-being of global travellers. Duty-of-care is a legal and moral obligation, addressing the health, safety, security and well-being of global employees. Organisations need to respond to the evolving threat landscape, transforming business travel security using new approaches.
Information is intelligence. Awareness is critical. Education, crucial.

Stay, one-step-ahead of the risk. Evolve with iPMI Magazine. The right information can change everything.

Serving-up the latest international travel risk management advice, news, analysis and intelligence Travel Warning Network assists expatriates, business travellers, leisure tourists, students and medical tourists stay one-step-ahead of the risk. Travel Warning Network is powered International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) Magazine.


The travel advice on this site is obtained from various sources and has been thoroughly researched. In emergencies, the advice may change frequently. travelwarning.net is not responsible for the accuracy of the travel advice given on this site. While every effort is made to ensure that the information provided is current and reliable, we strongly advise that anyone travelling to an overseas destination consults with the relevant authorities and professionals. For more information please read our terms and conditions of using travelwarning.net.